Arctic Monkeys
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Dm I'm going back to 505 Em if it's a 7 hours flight Dm or a 45 minute drive Em In my imagination you're waiting lying on your side Dm with your hands between your thighs ( Dm Em ) Dm Stop and wait a sec Em when you look at me like that Dm My darling what did you expect? Em I probably still adore you Dm With your hands around my neck Em Or I did last time I checked ( Dm Em ) Dm Dsus4 I'm not shy of a spark Em Esus4 The knife twists at the thought Dm that I should fall Dsus4 short of the mark Em Esus4 Frightened by the bite Dm Dsus4 no it's no harsher than the bark Em Esus4 A middle of adventure, Dm Dsus4 Em such a perfect place to start (riff 1) E|-12-10-8-7-5--| B|-----------6--| G|-----------7--| D|--------------| A|--------------| E|--------------| Dm I'm going back to 505 Em If it's a 7 hour flight Dm Em Or a 45 minute drive Em Dm Esus4 In my imagination you're waiting lying on your side Em Dm Em With your hands between your thighs E|---12-10-8-7--(Bateria Para)--------| B|------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------| D|--14--12--10--9--7--9--10--10101010--9-9999/14--14141414-------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------10---| B|----------------------------------------------------------10---| G|----------------------------------------------------------12---| D|--14--12--10--9--7--9--10--10101010--9-9999/14--14141414--12---| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| Dm Dsus4 But I crumble completely when you cry Em Esus4 Dm It seems like once again you've had to greet me with goobye Em Dm I'm always just about to go and spoil the surprise Em Dm Em Take my hands off of your eyes too soon Dm I'm going back to 505 Em If it's a 7 hour flight Dm Or a 45 minute drive Em Dm In my imagination you're waiting lying on your side Em Dm Em With your hands between your thighs And a smile E|-------------------------------------------------------------| B|----17-15-13-12-10-12-13-13131313-12-12121212/17-17171717----| G|-------------------------------------------------------------| (4x) D|-------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------------| D|--14--12--10--9--7--9--10--10101010--9-9999/14--14141414-----| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------10------------| B|-----------------------------------------------10------------| G|-----------------------------------------------12------------| D|--14--12--10--9--7--9--10--10101010--9-9999/14-12------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------|